4 days 3 nights

Welcome to Bumi Serumpun Sebalai . On arrival at the airport you will be picked up Depati Amir and Pangkalpinang city tour by visiting the Craft shells souvenir gallery DWD , and you can enjoy coffee and tea typical of Bangka . Bangka Botanical garden , In proceed to Pasir Padi for sea food lunch at Local restaurant . Next tour visiting / passing sea Goddess Temple , Temple , Central Pacific Islands governments , Tin Museum and checked in the hotel ( lunch , dinner )

belinyu2nd day : SUNGAILIAT ~ BELINYU
Enjoy breakfast at the hotel this day trip to visit and through Anyir Water Beach , deer stone bridge which is one of the icons of Bangka , blue lake ex tin mines , Padepokan Shaolin , Rebo Village , Kuto Panji , Remodong , Matras Beach is famous for its white sand . ( Breakfast, Lunch , Noodles Koba , night )

3rd day: Geese
Breakfast at the hotel . After that follow the event ” Geese Tour ” through and visit the oil palm plantations , Stone Hall , Hill Menumbing , Kelian Cape Coast , Port Mentor , Home Major , Ancient Chinese temple , Jami Mosque , in the afternoon back to the hotel ( Breakfast, Lunch , dinner , snacks )

Breakfast at the hotel and check out , event Nameng proceed to the village , with a special lunch a la ” Bedulang Malay ” we have prepared over a paddy field with Mushroom menu Pelawam dam juice drink honey -fighting . Until the time comes you transfer to the airport for your flight back to your beloved city . See you again ( Breakfast, Lunch )

4days 3night

Welcome to the State Laskar Pelangi . Arriving at the airport HS. Hanandjoedin Tanjungpandan you will be picked up and immediately transfer to enjoy Belitung noodles. Next we will City Tour Tanjung Pandan, visit museums, traditional house Belitung and Tanjung Pandan beach. Check in Hotel . Then, visit the Tanjung Tinggi beach which is a place of Laskar Pelangi location syuting. Furthermore , to the Bukit Berahu to relax while enjoying the Sunset . (Lunch , dinner , Belitong noodles)

2nd day : BELITUNG
After breakfast at hotel , today we will go to East Belitung ( ± 90 minutes ) to visit Muhammadiyah Elementry School (Laskar Pelangi Elementry school), Museum of Andrea Hirata , Batik Gallery Belitung (Ahok’s House), Vihara DewiKwam In Burong Mandi Beach. (Breakfast, lunch , dinner)

3rd day : BELITUNG
After breakfast at hotel , today we will go to Tanjung Kelayang Beach to do Island Hopping Tour by boat . We will visit the Sand island, Batu Berlayar Island, Kepayang Island and Lengkuas island. There, you can swim , snorekling (OPTIONAL) , play with sea Biota, explore the huge granite rocks . In the afternoon towards Outlet souvenirs Belitung . (Breakfast, lunch , dinner)

after check-out and breakfast in the hotel, Today we will visit the Blue Lake (Kaolin Lake) . After that you will be transferred to the airport HS Hanadjoedin to travel back to Jakarta . Ended our tour event this time . Thank you and see you on the rest of our tour program (breakfast)


5day 4nights

Welcome to Bumi serumpun Sebalai. Arrive at the Depati Amir Airport in Pangkalpinang, you picked up and invite city tour Pangkalpinang to visit souvenir gallery Shell DWD, and you can enjoy with coffe and tea special from Bangka, Bangka Botanical garden , continue to Pasir Padi beach to lunch at the seafood local restaurant. Next tour, visit Dewi Laut Pagoda, Pura, center of goverment Bangka Belitung, Museum Timah and check in hotel. (lunch, dinner)

2nd day : BELINYU TOUR
Enjoy with breakfast at the hotel. This trip today visit and through Air anyir beach, Baturusa Bridge that is one of the Bangka icon, blue lake ex Tambang Timah, padepokan shaolin, rebo village, benteng kuto Panji, Remodong beach, Matras beach that famous with long beach and white sand. (breakfast, lunch, Koba noodles and dinner)

Today, we leave Bangka island to Belitung island, after check out hotel, you will picked up to harbor/airport to Tanjung Pandan. Arrive at the Airport Tanjung Pandan, you picked up to check in hotel and rest. (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

4th day : (ISLAND HOPPING)
After the breakfast at the hotel, we will visit Tanjung Tinggi Beach that is Laskar Pelangi syuting location. Then, ready to Tanjung kelayang beach to doing island Hopping tour with use boat. We will visit island Pasir, Batu Belayar Island, Lengkuas island. There, you can swim, snorekling (OPTIONAL), play with sea biota, explore the huge granite rocks. In the afternoon, we go to outlet special food in Belitung to buy souvenirs. (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

5th day : Hotel – Airport (TSFR OUT ONLY)
After the breakfast and check out hotel, we will visit blue lake (Kaolin Lake). After that, you will transfer at the HS Hanadjoedin airport to the next trip at jakarta. Final program this tour. Thank you and see you again to next program tour. (lunch)