Mangku Sakti waterfall located at Sajang Village, sub district of Sembalun, this tourism object is lie on the area of National Park of Rinjani Mountain. It takes around 3 hours from Mataram.

Mangku Sakti waterfall has the height around 30 m and the the clear water comes from the stream Kokok Puteq (white river) which is directly comes from Segara Anak. Under the waterfall there is a pool about 15 m2 dan widths of 2-4 metres, the water not clear but green tosca because it contains sulphur and it believes can heal varies of diseas.

Why it is given name Mangku Sakti, well long time ago there was a functionary name titi kastura who on duty to be the guardian in the foot of Rinjani Mountain. At that time people called him ‘mangku gunung’ or mountain guard.

Considering it located in hilly area, the trek to this location is quite challenging for you who love outdoor activity or trekking. We will step on path where surrounded by giant trees and beautiful savannah.

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